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DJ Richy Roy

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Shoe Game Questions (*Crowd Favourites)
Pick 15 - 20 questions

*When you first met who made the first move?

 Who is the better driver?

 Who has been in more car accidents?

 Who studied the hardest in school?

 Who got better grades in school?

 Who is smarter?

 Who is more creative?

 Who is better at keeping surprises?

*Who will be doing the cooking?

 Who is more adventurous?

 Who is more likely to get injured?

 Who is more likely to get sunburn?

*Who is more likely to be running late?

 Who is the better dresser?

 Who is better looking?

 Who said I love you first?

*Who starts the arguments?

*Who is the first to say I am sorry?

*Who wears the pants in the relationship?

 Who spends more money?

 Who is going to pay the bills?

*Who will be in control of the remote?

 Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?

 Who is more likely to get lost?

 Who is more likely to ask for directions?

 Who is messier?

 Who has the smelliest feet?

*Who do you love more than anyone in the world?

 Who is better at keeping secrets?

 Who always replaces the toilet paper roll?

*Who is a bigger baby when they're sick?

 Who will kill the spiders in the house?

 Who is the most likely to wake up grumpy?

 Who has the better shower singing voice?

 Who is more stubborn?

 Who has the shorter attention span?

*Who is the better kisser?

*Who is the better dancer? (then get them and show some moves)

 Who spends more time on Facebook?

 Who has the crazier family?

 Who is more quick to anger?

 Who has the better handwriting?

 Who is better at giving directions?

 Who is the most patient?

 When you get in an argument, who has the last word?

 Who would win in 100 meter race?  

 Who has the better fashion sense? 

 Who has the better sense of humour? 

 Who looks better today? 

 Who has the better in-laws?

 Who takes longer in the shower?

 Who has a bigger butt?

 Who is a better cook?

 Who is more responsible?

 Who's the boss and the relationship?

*Who is the first one to have a crush on the other?

 Who is more forgetful?

*Who does (your pet's name) love/like more?

 Who holds their liquor better?

*Who's faster at responding to a text?

 Who spends more time on Instagram?

*Who spends more time in front of the mirror?

 Who snores more?

*Who made the first move?

 Who paid on the first date? 

 Who is the first to declare their love? 

 Who’s more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

 Who's the best chef?

 Who's a better tipper? 

 Who handles the groceries?

*Who's more likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep?

 Who wakes up first?

*Who is more likely to max out their credit card?

 Who Is more likely to save all their money?

 Who is more clumsy?

 Who is more talkative?

 Who is messier?

 Who is more athletic?

 Who is the bigger thrill seeker?

 Who's more adventurous?

*Who would last longer on a deserted island?

*Who is more likely to cry during a sad movie?

 Who likes chick flicks more?

 Who is the best gift giver?

 Who has the bigger wardrobe?

 Who owns more shoes?

 Who is more likely to lose their keys or wallet?

*Who does the dishes more often?

 Who is the bigger party animal?

 Who has the better driving record?

 Who uses more toilet paper?

 Who has better vision?

 Who shops more?

 Who gives the best presents?

 Who has better hair?

 Who is more forgetful?

 Who has more dressy clothes?

 Who exercises more?

 Who eats healthier?

 Who is in better shape?

 Who eats the most fast food?

 Who does the most household chores?

 Whose car is the cleanest?

 Who would rather be outdoors?

 Who sings better?

 Who brushes their teeth more often?

 Who is older?

 Who is wiser?

 Who has more siblings?

 Who has been in more car accidents?

 Who studied the hardest in school?

 Who got better grades?

*Who mentioned marriage first?

*Who wants the most kids?

 Who really made the first move?

*Who will fall asleep first tonight?

 Who will be the most responsible parent?

 Who will be the first to have a midlife crisis?

 Who has the more good-looking family?

 Who is looking forward to the honeymoon the most?

 Who is most likely to eat ice cream for breakfast?

 Who drives faster?

 Who is most likely to be arrested? 

 Who is more likely to make the bedroom floor their personal laundry basket?

 Who is more likely to rob someone?

 Who is the most satisfied in bed?

 Who is more likely to destroy clothing doing the laundry?

 Who will be the stricter parent?

*Who has the best taste in music?

 Who gossips the most?

 Who makes friends easier?

 Who is more likely to get out of something they don't want to do?


MAKE SURE to finish with this romantic question

Who do you love more than anyone in the world? Who do you love the most?

Instead of making the bride and groom take off their stinky shoes, print off pictures of their faces and put them on sticks for them to hold up. Make sure to paste their face on both sides of the stick so it can be seen from all angles. Walmart photo printing is a great option for cheap 8x10 photo prints of their faces.
Ask your DJ to play some background music to keep the energy up during the game. Instrumental songs work best as there's no lyrics to distract the audience from the questions.
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Phone: 1.306.861.2201


Facebook: DJrichyroy

"Richy Roy is hands down the best wedding DJ I’ve ever experienced. When it came time to planning my own wedding I knew I wanted to hire him right away. The energy he brings to the stage is unmatched, plus he has a bad ass sense of style! He’s also extremely accommodating and flexible with his strategy. He has this magic ability (well duh I guess he’s a magician after all) to read the crowd and change things up to make sure everyone has one hell of a good time! I would recommend his services one thousand percent.”


– Jasmine Anna, Weyburn, SK

"When my fiancé and me got engaged we knew booking our DJ was important. After seeing Richy DJ our friend's wedding earlier that year we knew he would be great for us as well. After contacting Richard we were very impressed, contact with him was always prompt and very helpful. He made the entire process leading up to the wedding very easy. He was able to walk us through the process and his advice made it very stress free. Then on the big day we were able to focus on having fun, visiting with guests, and dancing! All while he took care of the schedule, music, speeches, and keeping everything on track. We received so many compliments on how well the ceremony went and Richy Roy deserves a lot of the credit! He did a fantastic job of entertaining everyone, he was able to read the crowd and select music to keep people on the dance floor all night all while participating in some of the dances. We couldn't imagine having anyone else DJ our wedding." 

– Steven Hansen, Weyburn, SK

“I have seen Richie as DJ at a few events and he is spectacular. He reads the crowd and gets everyone up and having a great time. He’s professional and fun. Highly recommend!”

– Nicole Wendt, Weyburn, SK

Richy Roy literally wrote the book on DJ'ing weddings:



- Ryan Janke, Weyburn, SK

"DJ Richy Roy was the DJ at 2 of the 4 weddings we had last summer. He was very professional and is obviously in high demand. He customized each wedding to the bride and groom’s special night and even twisted balloon animals for the kids! I’ve seen him before and he has been referred many times.  He treats his job like a profession." 

– Tyler Taylor, Regina, SK

"We had Richy DJ our wedding. He was excellent. Engaging the audience, playing great music and threw in a few magic tricks to delight the kids (and many of the adults too). I recommend him to anyone looking for a great DJ!" 


– Scott Cameron, Weyburn, SK

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