DJ Richy Roy uses high-end professional audio equipment and DJ lighting.

Classy and crystal clear.​

Audio Equipment

T1 Tonematch Audio Engine

NuMark iDJ Pro Mixer with iPad

BOSE Towers and B2 Subwoofers

Fender Passport 150 (for ceremonies)

Line 6 Digital Wireless Handheld Mic

Lighting Equipment

Chauvet Mini Kinta for high energy dancing

Chauvet Hemisphere LED DMX for fun disco ball effect

Chauvet Mega Trix LED Effect for late night party animals

Chauvet MotionDrape LED Backdrop for added excitement

Chauvet LED 4Bar par cans for dazzling dance floor colour


Only The Best For Your Wedding

WHY...BOSE speakers?

The L1 Model II system with B2 bass and ToneMatch audio engine is the most advanced portable amplification system for musicians and DJs. The tower delivers 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage and the smoothest tonal balance throughout the entire room. The B2 subwoofers adds greater power at the low end with more flexibility then the previous B1 modules. This award winning loudspeaker system produces wide, uniform sound coverage of nearly 180 degrees for audiences of up to several hundred with little dropoff in volume and tone. The 24 vertically mounted drivers are angled to make clearer highs and more consistent tone in the room. Even people off to the sides of these stage speakers enjoy well-balanced, detailed sound.

WHY...iPad with NuMark mixer?

At your event, Richy Roy's music library is accessible in reliable MP4 format or MPEG-4 format for music videos. It allows for multiple songs to be cued up to insure that the perfect song is ready at just the right time to keep the party going.  It also allows for multiple backups to eliminate the possilility of technical problems. The NuMark mixer is the top of the line hardware console that makes it possible for DJ Richy Roy to mix, scratch, beatmatch and create mashups on the fly.

WHY...Dance floor lighting?

Tasteful, yet dynamic LED dance floor lighting in sync with the music creates a festive atmosphere and motivates your guests to dance. The lights that DJ Richy Roy uses create the lighting effects seen at trendy clubs. This versatile multi-effect light show is matched to the style of music being played and the size of the facility. It is guaranteed to energize your reception or party. There are separate lighting effects for fast and slow dances.

WHY...Digital wireless microphone?

Wireless microphones using Digital Encoding technology will minimize distortion and signal dropout, insuring excellent performance for your ceremony and reception.  Digital wireless costs up to three times more than other wireless mics, but virtually insure flawless operation. It also offers a 275-foot extended range so the your ceremony pictures don't have to be wrecked with the sound equipment in the background.

WHY...A separate ceremony sound system?

A separate sound system will be used at your ceremony location to allow a seamless transition from ceremony to reception. For your ceremony, Richy Roy uses studio quality powered speakers and wireless lapel microphones so your guests hear both the music and the voices with perfect clarity.

E - M A I L




Phone: 1.306.861.2201


Facebook: DJrichyroy

"Richy Roy is hands down the best wedding DJ I’ve ever experienced. When it came time to planning my own wedding I knew I wanted to hire him right away. The energy he brings to the stage is unmatched, plus he has a bad ass sense of style! He’s also extremely accommodating and flexible with his strategy. He has this magic ability (well duh I guess he’s a magician after all) to read the crowd and change things up to make sure everyone has one hell of a good time! I would recommend his services one thousand percent.”


– Jasmine Anna, Weyburn, SK

"When my fiancé and me got engaged we knew booking our DJ was important. After seeing Richy DJ our friend's wedding earlier that year we knew he would be great for us as well. After contacting Richard we were very impressed, contact with him was always prompt and very helpful. He made the entire process leading up to the wedding very easy. He was able to walk us through the process and his advice made it very stress free. Then on the big day we were able to focus on having fun, visiting with guests, and dancing! All while he took care of the schedule, music, speeches, and keeping everything on track. We received so many compliments on how well the ceremony went and Richy Roy deserves a lot of the credit! He did a fantastic job of entertaining everyone, he was able to read the crowd and select music to keep people on the dance floor all night all while participating in some of the dances. We couldn't imagine having anyone else DJ our wedding." 

– Steven Hansen, Weyburn, SK

“I have seen Richie as DJ at a few events and he is spectacular. He reads the crowd and gets everyone up and having a great time. He’s professional and fun. Highly recommend!”

– Nicole Wendt, Weyburn, SK

Richy Roy literally wrote the book on DJ'ing weddings:



- Ryan Janke, Weyburn, SK

"DJ Richy Roy was the DJ at 2 of the 4 weddings we had last summer. He was very professional and is obviously in high demand. He customized each wedding to the bride and groom’s special night and even twisted balloon animals for the kids! I’ve seen him before and he has been referred many times.  He treats his job like a profession." 

– Tyler Taylor, Regina, SK

"We had Richy DJ our wedding. He was excellent. Engaging the audience, playing great music and threw in a few magic tricks to delight the kids (and many of the adults too). I recommend him to anyone looking for a great DJ!" 


– Scott Cameron, Weyburn, SK

© 2013 by DJ RICHY ROY - Copies of music licensed through CONNECT music licensing.

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LED 4Bar

Dazzling colour for the dance floor